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04 August, 2022


Welcome of Dr. Montu M Patel, PCI President (Pharmacy Council of India) on 17th Jun, 2022 at CG State Pharmacy Council Raipur (CG)


27 July, 2022


CG State Pharmacy Council Address Change (With Effect from 1st Aug, 2022) Office is Shifted to New Address : "House No-40, Anand Nagar (Approach Road from Marine Drive, Telibandha), Raipur (CG)"


29 Jun, 2022


आवश्यक सूचना - अपना पता/मोबाईल/ईमेल अपडेट करवाने के संबंध में तथा रजिस्टर्ड फार्मासिस्ट के निधन की सूचना देने बाबत |


5 May, 2022


पंजीकृत फार्मासिस्ट की मृत्यु की सूचना देने के संबंध में महत्वपूर्ण सूचना |

पंजीकृत फार्मासिस्ट को पता, मोबाइल नंबर और ईमेल को चुनाव के पहले अपडेट करने के संबंध में सूचना |

पंजीकृत फार्मासिस्ट के पंजीकरण के नवीनीकरण 30 जून 2022 तक कराने के संबंध में सूचना |


23rd March, 2022


Notice for Revised Renewal Fees With Effect From 1st April, 2022.


07th January, 2022


NOTICE Regarding Renewal & Registration Considering CORONA Spread, Dated 07th January, 2022.


22nd October, 2021


Click Here to Pay Online Fees for New Registration, Renewal of Registration & Others.


8th Jun, 2020


Extension of Renewal Date for Pharmacists Registration, Upto 30th September, 2020 Without Late Fee Penalty.


9th October, 2019


Vacancy for Pharmacist Grade III. Last Date of Application is 16th October, 2019.


GPAT 2020 Exam for M.Pharma Admission. Last Date of Application is 30th November, 2019.


3rd Dec, 2018


Pharmacist Registration Renewal Notice for Those Having Registration Validity up to Dec 2018.


25th Sep, 2018


C.G. State Pharmacy Council Wishes a Very "Happy World's Pharmacist's Day" on 25th September, to All its Eminent Pharmacists & Wishing a Bright Future a Head in The Pharmacy Field.


1st Jan, 2018


All registered pharmacists are here by requested to submit their Email Id along with their Name & Registration Number on our councils email address or at office.


14th December, 2017


Photograph of Welcome Function to New Elected Member 2017.


1st December, 2017


Designated Members

As per council meeting held on 29-11-2017 the election of President & Vice president were held & following members were elected on these posts.

1. President – Shri Jagdish Patel
2. Vice President - Shri Ranjit Singh Salooja
3. PCI Representative u/s 3(g) - Shri Sandeep Bajaj
4. Executive Committee Member- Shri Keshav Dubey
5. Executive Committee Member- Shri Raj Kumar Agrawal
6. Executive Committee Member- Shri Heera Shankar Sahu


Newly Elected Members List : Election U/s 19(a).


Information of Total Ballots Received Election 2017.


Important Notice regarding Election dated 08th Sept, 2017.


Important Notice Regarding Duplicate Ballot Paper & Ballot Paper Counting on 20th Sept 17.


Important Notice : Office Working During Election Process.


Demo Envelope & Declaration (Ghoshna Patra) Letter.


Important Instruction Regarding Filling & Sending Ballot Paper for Election U/s 19(a).


Demo Ballot Paper (Mat Patra), Election U/s 19(a), 2017.


Press Note Regarding Election u/s 19(a) Dated 14 Aug 2017.


List of Candidates After Hearing Claim Objection, Dated 11 Aug, 17 for Election u/s 19(a).


List After Scrutiny of Nomination Dated 8th August, 2017.


List with Reason for Invalid Nomination Form After Scrutiny Dated 8th August, 2017.


Urgent Notice Regarding Election u/s 19(a), Dated 05 Aug 2017.


Correction Letter For Election Notification dated 21 July 2017.


Final Voter List For Election U/s 19(a) of the Pharmacy Act & Related Notice.


Notification for Election of Members u/s 19(a) of The Pharmacy Act.


Claim Objection on Primary Voter List for Election U/s 19(a) of The Pharmacy Act.


Primary Voter List For Election U/s 19(a) of the Pharmacy Act & Related Notice.


New Notification for Election u/s 19(a) Under the Pharmacy Act.


Final Voter List For Election of Members U/s 19(a) of the Pharmacy Act.


Notice for The Election Process for The Elected Members u/s 19(a) of the Pharmacy act.


Felicitation of Prof B. Suresh, PCI (Pharmacy Council of India) President by C.G. State Pharmacy Council on 01st Feb 2013 at Raipur (CG)


Registration Renewal is granted for 1yr & 5yrs by C.G. State Pharmacy Council.

 Council Meeting

Designated Members

As per council meeting held on 21-08-2012 the election of President & Vice president were held & following members were elected on these posts.

1. President – Shri Bharat Kumar Ajwani, Raipur.
2. Vice President- Shri Keshav Dubey, Bilaspur.