Activities of Drug Information Center (DIC)

The Chhattisgarh State Pharmacy Council has established its Drug Information Centre in Jan., 2007 to disseminate unbiased drug Information to healthcare professionals. This project is running under guidance of Karnataka State Pharmacy Council & WHO India Country office. This centre is registered with IRDIS, an Inter-national Register of Drug Information Services.

Activities of Drug Information Services :-
The centre provides in depth, unbiased source of crucial drug information to meet the needs of the practicing physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals in following areas:-

(A) Drug Therapy of Choice :-
Current and alternative therapy recommendations based on literature analysis and patient data are provided.

(B) Adverse Drug Reaction :-
Suspected Adverse drug reactions are assessed, specific information regarding predisposing factors, relationship to dose or duration of therapy incidence, clinical manifestations and management are provided.

(C) Evaluation of Drug Reactions :-
The significance of a drug-drug, drug-food, drug- disease or drug-laboratory test interaction is evaluated.

(D) Foreign Drug Identification :-
The D I C attempt to identify drugs obtained in other countries when possible the D I C will provide product composition and US equivalent. An assessment of the efficacy and potential hazards of the product are also given.

(E) Design dosage Regiment :-
Information regarding dosing pediatric patients, geriatric patients and other patients with special dosing requirements are provided Drug Information Centre work towards in promotion of safe effective rational and economical use of drugs by the health professionals & patients.

The centre is involved in conducting awareness programme on Drug Information Services for all the healthcare professionals and patients.